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What is PSD2 ? 

The second Payment Service Directive (PSD2) from the European Union binds com-panies in the financial sector to provide APIs for the communication between banks.

The APIIDA PSD2 Solution Pack for the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway (once CA API Gateway) solves the technical challenge faced by banks by providing a solution to comply with the directive. Ensuring guaranteed future by complying with the standard by the Berlin Group in the newest version. An easy way to integrate into the backend of the bank and secure the connection by using the API Gateway technology from CA (a Broadcom company).


The PSD2 directive mandates that all banks within the European Union provide APIs to communicate with external service provi- ders, such as FinTechs. There is now more pressure than ever before for the agility to provide enhanced features and service for customers.

PSD2 brings a wealth of new opportunities for new and existing players in the market through an industry-wide adoption of inter- faces such as the XS2A (Access to Accounts) interface proposed by the Berlin Group. Strong customer authentication is impera- tive to the success of any implementation, ensuring that custo- mers and banks are not successfully targeted and misused by malicious third-parties.

Banks need to adopt a modern devOps approach to monitoring, migration and uplifting of critical services at all levels of their di- gital business to enable proactive and agile development to ad- dress new opportunities and customer needs while maintaining backwards compatibility for legacy services and systems.


• Regulatory: Provides a solution to ensure the necessary regulation from the European Union

• Modern: Follow the NextGenPSD2 specification from theBerlinGroup

• Future-proof: Updated versions to ensure support for the latest version from the Berlin Group

• Secure: Using the industry leading, battle-hardened Broad- com Layer7 API Management platform (once CA APIM)

• Flexible: Extensibility with a multitude of integration options made possible with the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway

• Business continuity: A modern, purpose-built dashboard foractive monitoring and fault finding of your API services withthe APIIDA API Gateway Manager (AAGM)

• Agile: Reliable point and click migration of new API services with modern version control and auto-healing capability

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